Frame Specs

What do you get with your timber frame?
  • Timbers which are pre cut to exact size
  • Pre cut joints and pre drilled where possible
  • Sole plates which are treated
  • Fixings whenever required in the design
  • Material for internal stud walls
  • Insulation (if required)
  • Other components if ordered
  • Scandinavian treated timber
  • Glulam beams & post when required
  • Coded timber for easy identification
  • Drawings showing coded locations
  • Structural calculations
  • 3D computer drawings
  • Our help and advice
Standard dimensions for a typical timber frame
  • Sole plates: 195x45mm
  • External stud walls: 195x45mm
  • Internal load and non load bearing: 95x45mm
  • Intermediate floor joists: 220x45mm
  • Roof joists: 220x45mm
Frame Assembly The frame construction is very basic. The wall panel plans show the locations of studs and they just slot, screw or nail together. Where post and beam are used fixings will be supplied for fitting into the pre-drilled locations. The intermediate floor joists are also jointed and slot into the wall plates. Rafters are pre cut and drilled ready for slotting into place and fixing.

Wall Insulation Isover or Knauf insulation is supplied as part of the house kit (depending on level chosen). The insulation for our house & extension kits consist of 2 layers of 90mm for all external walls and 140mm in the roof.  The premium package includes SuperQuilt foil insulation as a second layer for the walls and roof increasing the thermal properties. Contained within our premium insulation kit is a Panel Vent board, 9mm thick and is supplied for the structural sheathing for the frame but also increases the insulation levels as well. With this type of construction and level of insulation along with high quality FR membranes, we can achieve high SAP ratings and low band energy efficiency.

Computer Aided Design Once the architect drawings are complete and you are ready to proceed with the timber frame package, your drawings will be transfered to the computer and you will receive plans showing the sole plate layout with dimensions to enable the foundations to be built. Wall plans show coded studs, roof and intermediate floor joists and locations. The 3D plan enables you to see the final timber frame building. The drawings will be sent before the timber frame arrives which allows you to familiarise yourself with the construction if you or your builder are erecting the frame.